Agate Software, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the creation and implementation of web-based grant management solutions. For more than two decades, Agate has obtained a comprehensive knowledge on the administration of grants and transferred that knowledge into our unique and powerful solution, IntelliGrants™.

Our solution focuses on the creation and understanding of online grant management initiatives. IntelliGrants is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) grants management solution that allows State Agencies the ability to manage every step of the grant lifecycle in an online environment. From application and workflow, review and scoring, award and accounting, all the way through internal and federal reporting requirements. Business rules configured into the customizable workflow process can incorporate automatic system messages, error checks, and calculations for making the grant process as user-friendly as possible. IntelliGrants integrates with existing state accounting systems, eliminating the need to rely on multiple databases for accessing information. IntelliGrants provides full audit traceability and transparency across multiple divisions, making the grant management process more efficient for all grantees and program staff involved.

IntelliGrants has been implemented for a wide variety of clients managing both State and Federal grant programs. With over two decades of experience, Agate has worked with clients to successfully implement over 100 IntelliGrants-based systems in 27 states and the District of Columbia. These IntelliGrants-based systems manage over 250 unique state and federal grant programs totaling billions in grant funds annually.

Whether your business is large or small, Agate has the grant management software to improve your process. Use some of our knowledge to empower your grant management process today, let’s get started.

Arizona Department of Public Safety

“Arizona Department of Public Safety’s VOCA Administration Unit has decided to embark upon an upgrade of their existing Agate Software grants management system. As a customer since 2003, AZ DPS’s current system predates the core IntelliGrants system that is currently being used by most of Agate’s customers. This upgrade, to be completed in 2017, will allow AZ DPS to have access to all of the latest benefits and functionality of the IntelliGrants system. Agate is excited to take on this upgrade and provide its customer with the best possible grants management solution for their needs.”

Agate Software to Exhibit at CTAA Expo 2017!

Agate Software is excited to be an exhibitor at this year’s Mobility in Motown exposition at the 2017 CTAA Community Transportation Expo. State Department of Transportation and other transit officials interested in learning more about how the IntelliGrants system can help with their grants management processes should visit us at booth 432 on June 14, 2017 at Detroit’s Cobo Center. We look forward to seeing our current and future Transit customers this year!

IntelliGrants can cut cost and save time to provide you with real results. Conquer grant management by incorporating the business processes of your agency or organization to streamlined, accomplished software today.

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